Merri Tyndall loves pie, and now Henderson County can love it, too, with the opening of the Mountain Pie Co., a new business that caters to your sweet tooth.

The business, at 3400 Asheville Highway next door to Monte's Sub Shop, opened two months ago after Tyndall spent six months researching possible ideas for a business.

Mountain Pie Company:
If real men flinch at quiche, as the early 1980s bestseller had it, they positively flee from sweets. So says Mountain Pie Company owner Merri Tyndall, who last month switched her Hendersonville bakery's name from the Front Porch Sweetery.

"It seemed like men weren't too crazy about coming in with the old name," Tyndall says. "We changed the name and they just run in, jumping up and down."

Tyndall and her husband, Bill, opened the shop at 3400 Asheville Highway last December. Although Merri Tyndall had operated numerous flower and antique shops, the Sweetery marked her first foray into the restaurant business.

"We knew we were going to make a lot of changes after we'd been open awhile," she says.

The Mountain Pie Company now offers more than a dozen varieties of homemade pies — "Today we have coconut cream, two kinds of apple, strawberry and bumbleberry," Tyndall reported when reached by phone last month — cakes and breakfast. To inaugurate its breakfast service, which includes strawberry crepes, blueberry blintzes, pancakes and waffles, Tyndall offered a free breakfast in early August. More than 130 people took advantage of the promotion.

"It was fun," Tyndall says. "There were four of us working, and we managed to make everyone happy."

Tyndall plans to hold more free breakfasts and a chili cookoff later in the fall.

Mountain Pie Company is open Tues.-Fri., 8 a.m.-4 p.m., and Sat., 8 a.m.-2 p.m. The bakery's closed on Mondays.

To learn more, call 693-0501 or visit 
Reviews and Media Coverage
"Open the door and you're on the, well, front porch.  Keep going and you find yourself in a warm and cozy space that makes you feel as if you've been transported to a countryside cottage in England." 
- Hendersonville Epicurean, Dec 2009

    MOUNTAIN HOME – Merri Margaret Tyndall has been 
 baking  since the age of 8. She still uses her mother's 
“Household Searchlight” cookbook. Recently, she opened
 Front Porch Sweetery and Coffee Shop.
- Pisgah Mountain News, Feb 2009
The Voice: Volumn 1 Issue 9 , May 2009 
Jennifer Duran, Vice President

Chocolate ganache, orange chiffon pie, chocolate peanut butter cake, custard pie, cherry turnovers...Have I got your attention?  Is your stomach growling?  Will nothing but baked goodness save you?
Mountain Xpress...Small Bites
Asheville-area food and restaurant news
by Hanna Rachel Raskin in Vol. 16 / Iss. 6 on 09/02/2009 
Blue Ridge Now
Leigh Kelley, News Reporter
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Times-News Names
Hendersonville Chef of the Week at Mountain Pie Company
Mountain Pie Company  828-693-0501
3400 Asheville Highway  Hendersonville, NC 28791
February 2012
The Dessert Issue: Our Carolina Cakes. Banana Pudding: An Ode to a Southern Classic. 
13 Sweet Spots Across the State.
By Lou Parris, Times News, Hendersonville, NC
Mountains to Molehills, March 2013
‘BEST I HAVE EVER HAD': Honestly, who could resist making a trip to Mountain Pie and Cake Co. after reading about Columbus residents John and Phyllis Albree's latest experience? "Let me delight in telling you first about Phyllis' meal," says Mr. Albree, "All meals are served with a complimentary plate of fresh fruit and a cup of chilled orange juice. From the list of beverages, we both picked fresh, hot coffee. Phyllis selected a generous bowl of hearty oatmeal served with milk in a black and white petite china pitcher shaped like a cow, with blueberries, brown sugar, raspberry jam, walnuts and toast points. She said it was incredibly delicious. I, on the other hand, always seemed in the past to order fresh strawberry crepes, but this day I did vary to a small degree. My meal was mixed berry luscious crepes filled with cream cheese delicately flavored with lemon and powdered sugar, topped with whipped cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon. All this was enveloped and covered with fresh blueberries, blackberries and raspberries. When Phyllis asked me how I enjoyed the slight change in fruit, all I could say was, ‘Best I have ever had.' Our final item before paying the modest check was to purchase a generous slice of Bill Tyndall's freshly baked German chocolate cake to be enjoyed later at home. If you have not been to the quaint and scrumptious Mountain Pie and Cake Co. in Hendersonville, it is well worth the trip from wherever you live." 
                 Mountain Pie and Cake Company Review

This is primarily a bakery with delicious fresh-made cakes and pies, but it is also a fine place to have scones, muffins, pie, cake and coffee or tea.     Contact Information

    Address: 3400 Asheville Hwy., Hendersonville, NC  28791
    Phone: 828/693-0501
    Location: Hendersonville
HENDERSONVILLE, N.C. – Mountain Pie and Cake Co. is an example of the triumph of marketing.

Five years ago when Merri Tyndall, a former publisher born in Michigan, opened her coffee shop in Hendersonville, she called the rather dainty cafe The Front Porch Sweetery. Old fashioned tea pots, knick knacks, brocade and vinery made the place a haven for people seeking the genteel life in the mountains.

Her customer base, however, was small.

Additional story  

Name change works wonders for Mountain Pie and Cake Co.

Spartanburg Herald
"A Fork in the Road"

Published: Thursday, 
September 12, 2013 at 3:15 a.m.