Merri, the pie ladies favorite. Fresh lemon juice and zest topped with meringue.
12" 35.00 9" 25.00
  Old fashioned pie as you
remember it. We're making memories for you!
12" 35.00 9" 25.00

Pecan pie filling between 2 layers of yellow pecan cake.  Beautiful leaves decorate the exterior of this  dessert.  72 hr advance order 45.00
  Three berries combine to make this a pie. Customers rave about this one.
12" 35.00
9" 25.00
   A growers favorite.  Made with sour Gala apples, sour cream, vanilla and pecans.  
12"  35.00  9"  25.00
Blueberry lovers come hither.  Loaded with tasty fruit.  Fresh fruit during season.  12" 35.00 9" 25.00
This is the best pecan pie you will ever eat. Browned butter and a cup of pecans.  
12" 35.00 9" 25.00
Skillfully prepared to give that smooth delicious taste of yesteryear.  Meringue topping. 12" 35.00 9" 25.00
Peanut butter, hot fudge  topped with whipped topping, chocolate shavings and hot fudge drizzle. 12" $35. 9" $25.
Two layers of butter cake, filled with custard ,Chocolate glaze,  whipped topping and cherries. 9" 2 layer $25.00
One of our best sellers.  Delicious cherry and not to sweet.  Lattice or crumb crust. 12" $35. 9" 25.00
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     A real surprise.  My new  favorite.  Think of custard with a delicate lemon flavor.  My taste buds said, Oh My!        12" 35.00  9" 25.00

Amish Buttermilk Pie
Available now most days.
Also as Strawberry Rhubarb